Spring has sprung!

Well, interwebz, it's been awhile.

I'm almost finished my diploma program (which I initially started this blog to document - oops), and will soon be looking for work as a certified seamstress. I sometimes feel like a bit of a crazy person trying to make a career out of something so chronically low-paid and under-appreciated. But one of these days I'll be in business for myself, and that's definitely something to look forward to. For the next year or so I'm stoked about sewing in theatrical costume shops around town and learning all kinds of amazing things - and getting paid! Student living begone! I really am getting too old for that kind of thing. The plus side is that after a year of living on student loans, even minimum wage will make me feel rich!

Yesterday I cleaned out my sewing space (also known as the kitchen). Everything is organized into cute little (labeled) drawers, and I have a cabinet for my machine now so I don't have to heave it up onto the kitchen table every time I want to sew. I think this will help me get around to my home projects. I haven't been bringing much home since I started sewing school; six hours of sewing a day is usually enough for me. But if I just have to flip open the cabinet, and reach into one of my ergonomically placed drawers for scissors, pins and needles, I suspect I'll get a lot more done.

There she is, before and after. Kind of makes me want to sit down and do some sewing right now. But, I'm afraid there's still the matter of the closet....


It must be done. I finish school this week, and have to make room for all of my notes and projects I'll be bringing home over the next few days. It's my intention to have a skim through them and do a few posts on the most interesting things I've learned over the past year in sewing school.  And this time I mean it! 

I've always thought spring resolutions were much better than New Year's resolutions. After all, spring is the real new year, January 1st is just a hangover. So here are my spring sewing resolutions:

1. Finish clearing up the sewing area, and making it a nice and easy place to work.

2. GET RID OF STUFF. See how full that closet is? NO NEED.

3. Make myself a wardrobe. With inspiration from The Uniform Project, I'd like to make myself a series of tunic style dresses that can be worn with tights or pants, with a cardigan type thing over top. 

4. Make me some underpants and bras. If anyone has a line on an underwear pattern that doesn't ride up, you know, where the sun don't shine, please share! 
5. Get back into fabric manipulation, felting, dyeing, embroidery, etc. I did a diploma in textile studies, goodness, almost 10 years ago, and would love to put into practice all of the amazing things I learned there. Have been very curious about compost dyeing, anyone out there ever tried it?

6. And of course, blog more! I must admit, with so many great crafty blogs out there, it's easy to get swept away reading, and never get around to contributing. And so I resolve to stop being such a little lurker, and step up!

And what about you, dear reader(s)? Has the coming of spring renewed your inspiration?


Julia said...

Can I get in on this tunic dress thing?


Mz. Whitney said...

It's the wave of the future.